Who's Who (NCPCR, Govt. of India)

Updated On: 09-Apr-2024
S/N Photo Name Designation Contact No. Email
1 N/A Priyank Kanoongo Chairperson 011-23731583 cp.ncpcr@nic.in
2 N/A Dr. Divya Gupta Member(Child Health, Care, Welfare) 011-23478261 divyagupta.ncpcr@gov.in
3 N/A Smt. Preeti Bharadwaj Dalal Member(Law Relating To Children) 011-23478256 preetibdalal.ncpcr@gov.in
4 N/A Dharmendra Bhandari PPS to Chairperson 011-23478212 cp.ncpcr@nic.in
5 N/A Rupali Banerjee Singh Member Secretary 011-23478228 ms.ncpcr@nic.in
6 N/A Iqbal Krishan PS to Member Secretary 011-23478228 ms.ncpcr@nic.in
7 N/A Ms. Gomati Manocha Registrar 011-23478204 registrar.ncpcr@nic.in
8 N/A Neerja PS to Registrar 011-23478204 registrar.ncpcr@nic.in
9 N/A Jitendra Singh Assistant Director 011-23478231 ad.ncpcr@nic.in