Report (NCPCR, Govt. of India)

Updated On: 15-Mar-2024
S.No Title Details
1 Research Study on “Validation and Standardization of Indicators/Markers of Penetrative CSA in Children’s Draw- A-Person-Test (DAPT)” Details 1.24 MB 28-03-24
3 A fact-finding report on child labour in Automobile Industry in India Details 9.48 MB 11-04-23
4 Report on impact of Exemption under article 15(5) w.r.t. article 21A of the Constitution of India on Education of Children of Minority Communities- March 2021 Details 6.55 MB 08-05-23
5 Report on availability of Quality Education and Vocational training in Observation Homes (2017-18) Details 1.60 MB 26-12-22
6 Report on National Consultation with State Commissions for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCRs) on Child Rights at Gangtok, Sikkim on 27th-28th May 2017 Details 6.10 MB 26-12-22
7 Recommendations of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) for Inter-Ministerial Consultation on Education sector initiatives in the Union Budget 2017-18 NITI AAYOG Details 284.54 KB 26-12-22
8 Digitalization of Education - Study of District Dhule 2018 Details 889.75 KB 26-12-22
9 A report on devising pathways for appropriate repatriation of children of Bru-Reang Community 2018 Details 2.62 MB 26-12-22
10 Preventing Child Trafficking Post Lockdown Situation due to COVID-19 Pandemic Details 2.88 MB 06-02-23
11 E-waste and involvement of Children in Seelampur, Delhi and Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh: A fact Finding Report(2020-21) Details 258.08 KB 14-02-23
12 Study on effectiveness of the National Child Labour Project(NCLP) Scheme in mainstreaming of Out of School Children(OoSC) Details 2.26 MB 14-02-23
13 Vocational & Life Skills Training of Out-of-School Adolescent Girls in the age group 15-18 years Details 764.91 KB 14-02-23
14 Survey on Education and Wellbeing of Children in MICA Mining Areas of Jharkhand and Bihar Details 448.36 KB 14-02-23
15 Training Module for Chairperson and Members of Child Welfare Committee (CWC) Details 5.54 MB 14-11-22
16 Protocol for Restoration and Repatriation of Child ( GHAR - Go Home And Reunite NCPCRs Designated Portal) Details 6.86 MB 19-11-22
18 Report on Child Rights Component in Teacher Training Curriculum With Special Focus on Children with Special Needs (CWSN) Details 42.62 MB 30-08-22
19 National Level Review on Roll out of Joint Action Plan Prevention of Drugs and Substance Abuse among Children and Illicit Trafficking Details 10.85 MB 18-08-22
20 A Study on Implementation of Section 12(1) (c) of RTE Act, 2009 in Delhi pertaining to admission of Children from disadvantaged sections in private Schools Details 490.09 KB 29-06-22
21 Study on Safety & Security of Children in Pre-Matric Hostels Details 1.84 MB 29-06-22
22 Manual on Safety and Security of Children in Schools (Sep 2021) Details 2.41 MB 29-06-22
23 Joint Action Plan on Prevention of Drugs and Substance Abuse among Children and Illicit Trafficking -2021 Details 1.69 MB 29-06-22
24 Corrigendum-Manual on Safety and Security of Children in Schools dated 8 Sep 2021 Details 1.21 MB 29-06-22
25 Effects (Physical, Behavioural and Psycho-social) of using Mobile Phones and other Devices with Internet Accessibility by Children , A study commissioned by NCPCR and conducted by RMP Details 1.97 MB 29-06-22
26 Report of National Consultation on Health & Well-being of children in Covid-19 pandemic Details 1.05 MB 29-06-22
27 Report on Education status of Children of Women Prisoners in India Details 1.11 MB 29-06-22
28 Video Link for E-waste and involvement of Children in Seelampur, Delhi and Muradabad, Uttar Pradesh: A fact Finding Report (2020-21 Details 29-06-22
29 Working Draft Report on National Consultation on Draft National Education Policy, 2019 and Child Rights Details 5.25 MB 29-06-22
30 report - Baal Saahitya par rashtriya sanghoshthi Details 308.79 KB 29-06-22
31 Recommendations on Preventing Child Trafficking Post Lock down due to COVID-19 Pandemic Details 3.16 MB 29-06-22
32 Workshop on Rights of Children of Persecuted Minorities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan living in India- 24 Feb, 2020 Details 1.62 MB 29-06-22
33 Report on Visit to Jammu & Kashmir: to reviev the status of Child Rigts in the UT and to conduct interdepartmental review cum consultation meeting with UT Administartion Details 997.79 KB 29-06-22
34 National Report on Safe and Secure School Environment 2019-20 Details 1.92 MB 29-06-22
35 Report on visit to Hindu Refugee Resettlement Colony at Majnu Ka Tilla, New Delhi - 14th February 2020 Details 2.09 MB 29-06-22
36 Report on National Consultation on Drug Substance use among Children Details 1.85 MB 29-06-22
37 1st National TOT Report - First 5-day National ToT for Counsellors on Psychological Trauma Assessment & Intervention in Child Abuse, 7-11 January 2020 AIIMS, New Delhi Details 1.75 MB 29-06-22
38 Educational Status of Children of Traditional Sex Workers in India Details 711.16 KB 14-07-22
39 Study on Educational and Vocational Training of Children staying at Children Homes Details 1.85 MB 01-07-22