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Last Updated On: 05/12/2018

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
5th Floor, Chanderlok Building,36 Janpath, New Delhi-110001
For Complaint:




E-mail Address

Fax Number


Mr. Priyank Kanoongo Chairperson 011-23731583 cp[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in 23731584
Mr. Iqbal Krishan Chaudhary PS to CP 23478212 ppscp[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. S.V.Neerja PS to CP 23478248 neeraja[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  


Mr. Yashwant Jain


Member- Laws related to children 23478252 yashwant[dot]ncpcr[at]gov[dot]in 23724028
Mr. Mahadev Singh PPS to Member 23478261 singh[dot]mahadev[at]  

Dr. R. G. Anand

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Member- Child Psychology or Sociology 23478253 drrganand[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in 23724028
Mr. Sunil Kumar Narang PPS to Member 23478258 sunilkumar[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Dharmendra Bhandari  PPS 23478262 d[dot]bhandari[at]gov[dot]in  
Mr. Uttam Chand PPS 23478259 uttam[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  

Member Secreatary

Ms. Geeta Narayan Member Secretary  23478228 ms[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Jayant Kumar Anand PPS to Member Secretary 23478228 ppsms[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  



Mr. Jagannath Pati Registrar 23478204 registrar[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Anita PA to Registrar 23478274 anita[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  

Presenting Officer


Dy. Superintendent of police (DSP)
Technical Staff
Dr. Madhulika Sharma Advisor 23478264 madhulika[dot]ncpcr[at]gov[dot]in  
Mr. Paresh Shah Sr.Technical Expert 23478269 paresh[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Rajnikant Technical Expert 23478267 rajnikant[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Shweta Sehgal Junior Technical Expert 23478264 shweta.ncpcr[at]gov[dot]in  
Ms. Akanksha Verma Task Based Consultant 23478264 tbcrte1[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Anshu Sharma Task Based Consultant 23478264 tbcrte4[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Rakesh Prajapati Task Based Consultant 23478264 tbcrte3[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Dipti Behl Task Based Consultant 23478265 tbcrte5[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Child Health, Care, Welfare or Child Development
Ms. Shaista Khan Senior Technical Expert 23478263 shaista[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Zohra Zaman Consultant 23478236 clhealth[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Rashmi Rai Task Based Consultant 23478265 rashmi[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
JJ or care of neglected or marginalized children with disabilities
Dr. Dhani Ram Senior Consultant-(JJ) 23478225 dhaniram[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Shaifali Avasthi Junior Technical Expert 23478266 shaifali[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Payal Sharma Consultant 23478270 payal[dot]ncpcr[at]gov[dot]in  
Mr. K. P. Nigam Task Based Consultant 23478272 kpn[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
North East Cell
Mr. Paresh Shah Senior Technical Expert 23478269 paresh[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Sudip Chakraborty Consultant 23478277 clcsr[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Elimination of Child labour or Children in distress
Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma Consultant 23478271 clchildlabour[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Child Psychology or Sociology
Ms. Shaista Khan Senior Technical Expert 23478263 shaista[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Pooja Jaswani Consultant 23478235 clpsychology[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Laws relating to Children
Ms. Himani Nautiyal Technical Expert  23478276 jte-pocso[dot]ncpcr[at]gov[dot]in  
Ms. Meenu Mehta Junior Technical Expert (POCSO e-box) 23478271 meenu[dot]ncpcr[at]gov[dot]in  
Mr. Satish Kumar Paliwal Consultant 23478274 clpocso[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Sundeep Rathee Consultant 23478274 sundeeprathee[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Desk Officer
Mr. Ashish Jaiswal Desk Officer 23478239 ashish[dot]jaiswal14[at]nic[dot]in  
Assistant Director
Mr. G. Suresh Assistant Director 23478231 suresh[dot]g[at]nic[dot]in  
Account Officer
Ms. Lakshmi Budhiraja Account Officer  23478207 ao[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Raman Gaur Senoir Consultant-CAC 23478244


Mr. Dheeraj PS to Senoir Consultant(CAC)   dheeraj[dot]bahri74[at]gov[dot]in  
Mr. Baldev Raj Kukreja Senior Consultant-Coordination 23478240 baldev[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Virendra Singh Rauthan Consultant-Admn 23478221 vs.rauthan[at]gov[dot]in  
Mr. Hariom Bhardwaj Consultant- IT 23478234 it.ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Parminder Singh Consultant- IT 23478234 it.ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Harsha Garg Consultant-Legal 23478220 cllegal.ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Ms. Jyoti Chopra Consultant-Media 23478242 jyoti[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Kalpendra Parmar Consultant-Media 23478242    
Ms. Saranya Consultant   cl1.ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Hindi Translator
Mr. Hemant Kulshreshtha Hindi Translator 23478218 hemant[dot]kulshrestra[at]nic[dot]in  
Research Assistant
Account Clerk
Mr. Bhopal Singh Rawat Consultant 23478273 accountant[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Mr. Ashish Sharma Account Assistant 23478226 accountassistant[dot]ncpcr[at]nic[dot]in  
Hindi Typist