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Last Updated On: 06/03/2018

National Commission for Protection of Child Rights
5th Floor, Chanderlok Building,36 Janpath, New Delhi-110001
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E-mail Address

Fax Number


Ms. Stuti Kacker Chairperson 011-23731583 23731584
Mr. Iqbal Krishan Chaudhary PS to CP 23478212  
Ms. S.V.Neerja PS to CP 23478248  
Ms. Anita Steno to CP 23478222  


Mr. Priyank Kanoongo Member - RTE & Education 23478251 23724028
Mr. Sunil Kumar Narang PPS to Member 23478262  
Mr. Yashwant Jain Member- Child Labour, Laws related to children, JJ, POCSO 23478252 23724028
Mr. Mahadev Singh PPS to Member 23478261  
Ms. Rupa Kapoor  Member- Child Health and Nutrition 23478259 23724028
Mr. Uttam Chand PPS to Member 23478259  

Member Secreatary

Ms. Geeta Narayan Member Secretary  23478228  
Mr. Jayant Kumar Anand PPS to Member Secretary 23478229  




Presenting Officer


Dy. Superintendent of police (DSP)
Technical Staff
Mr. Paresh Shah Technical Expert 23478269  
Mr. Rajnikant Technical Expert 23478267  
Ms. Madhulika Sharma Technical Expert 23478264  
Mr. Dushyant Meher Task Based Consultant 23478265  
Ms. Akanksha Verma Task Based Consultant 23478264  
Ms. Anshu Sharma Task Based Consultant 23478264  
Mr. Rakesh Prajapati Task Based Consultant 23478264  
Ms. Sunita Bora Task Based Consultant 23478265    
Child Health, Care, Welfare or Child Development
Ms. Rajni Chadha Junior Technical Expert 23478277  
Ms. Jyoti Chopra Consultant 23478242  
JJ or care of neglected or marginalized children with disabilities
Mr.Kulbir Krishan Advisor(POCSO) 23478201  
Dr. Dhani Ram Senior Consultant-(JJ & POCSO) 23478225  
Ms. Himani Nautiyal Junior Technical Expert (POCSO) 23478276  
Ms. Meenu Mehta Junior Technical Expert 23478271  
Ms. Shaifali Avasthi Junior Technical Expert 23478266  
Mr.Satish Kumar Paliwal Consultant 23478274    
Elimination of Child labour or Children in distress
Ms. Payal Sharma Consultant 23478270  
Mr. Arun Kumar Sharma Consultant 23478271  
Mr. Sudip Chakraborty Consultant 23478277  
Child Psychology or Sociology
Ms. Shaista Khan Senior Technical Expert 23478263  
Laws relating to Children
Desk Officer
Mr.Ashish Jaiswal Desk Officer 23478239  
Assistant Director
Mr. G. Suresh Assistant Director 23478231  
Account Officer
Mr. Rakesh Bhartiya Advisor -Grievance 23478253  
Mr. Ravinder Kumar PS to Advisor (Grievance) 23478258  
Mr. G. Mohanty Advisor-Media 23478201  
Mr. S. S. Gupta Task Based Consultant 23478254  
Mr. Raman Gaur Senoir Consultant-CAC 23478244

Mr. Dheeraj PS to Senoir Consultant(CAC)  
Mr. A.K.Nanda Senior Consultant-Programme 23478227  
Mr. Baldev Raj Kukreja Senior Consultant-Coordination 23478240  
Mr. Bhrampal Singh Kajla Consultant-Admn 23478219  
Mr. Virendra Singh Rauthan Consultant-Admn 23478221  
Mr. Hariom Bhardwaj Consultant- IT 23478234  
Mr. Parminder Singh Consultant- IT 23478234  
Ms. Nidhi Sharma Consultant-Legal 23478220  
Ms. Harsha Garg Consultant-Legal 23478220  
Ms. Shweta Sehgal Junior Technical Expert(Prog.) 23478278  
Ms. Saranya Consultant      
Mr. Utkarash Consultant-Legal 23478220    
Ms. Priti Tiwari Consultant-Media 23478242    
Hindi Translator
Research Assistant
Account Clerk
Mr. Bhopal Singh Rawat Consultant-RTE 23478218  
Mr. Ratan Singh Rautela Consultant-F & A 23478241    
Mr. Ashish Sharma Account Assistant 23478226  
Hindi Typist